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World of internet to the real world.

We work to make sure your business thrives online.capture more leads.see consistent growth.

Why us?

We deliver revenue-generating digital marketing solutions.


AppCrave revenue-focused digital marketing solutions provider

We create custom strategies for each of our clients based on their needs and goals. Our team is consists of marketers, designers, and developers, who know exactly what it takes to generate real results online.


Sold out! hahaha. Never heard of it until now. Great great great results even during this pandemic time. While many businesses are facing issues operating in pandemic my only decision to start working with Appcrave did not let me become one of those people.

I was a wannapreneur trying desperately to successfully run my new coffee shop, but it was always quite and was never able to reach next level. AppCrave helped me save my business.

Learned it the hard way that offline is not enough anymore. Thanks to AppCrave and the dedicated team specially Prateek who helped understand the full potential of online.

We were looking for an agency which can provide us end to end solution for SEO. AppCrave was the only team which explained us why we need to be involved as well and boy did we reach our results.

Never thought I would be writing this testimonial because in the start my journey with AppCrave was a little shaky. However the AppCrave team was quick to respond to situation and change their tactics which helped us reach our goals in just 3 months.

Very professional work delivered by the team Appcrave. We loved our journey with you and were not sure how long it will go in the starting but now I can say it has way many more years to see.

You need to see them in action to believe me. The most creative digital agency I ever worked with. It was a privilege seeing them at work.

I would just say if you need REAL results in REAL estate this is the place to come to. These guys are really really professionals and result oriented. They took less then what they made for us. Thank you team.

Ok so why do we even need a website? This was the first question my dad asked when I told him we need to grow online. But now he spends half of his time thinking ideas to grow online. The results shown by the 1 year retainer of the Appcrave helped us a lot with our real estate agency.

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